International Timber Solutions is committed to sourcing from responsibly managed forestry. All our softwood is from well-managed plantations. International Timber Solutions is Chain of Custody certified for AFS, FSC 100%, FSC MIX 70% and FSC MIX CREDIT timber using the transfer system. AFS, FSC® certificate and invoice can be provided but must be agreed upon at the time of contract as it cannot be supplied retrospectively. Ask about FSC® availability.

Information on comparing different softwood species is available in the Property Guide (434Kb PDF)

ITS can supply exotic specialty species of Australian HW logs as outlined in our Hardwood Species Guide (59Kb pdf)

Plantation Pine outstrips all other methods of construction framing hands down. Each year over 90% of Australia’s new home builders use timber for the structural framework. We think you should, too. There are many good reasons why timber is the only rational choice for builders, homeowners and the environment.

Download the Softwood Timber and Sawdust Material Safety Data Sheet (91Kb pdf)

Our Values

  • Honesty, integrity and respect are the key in all our relationships.
  • We are easy to deal with for suppliers and customers.
  • We make the difference through attitude.
  • We believe in relationships & have a long term view to business.
  • We use all our expertise and leverage to make our customers and suppliers successful not only today, but for the coming years.
  • We do what we say we do.
  • We have fun.

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