The best indicator for appropriate use of treated pine is "hazard class" as outlined in AS1604 - Timber - Preservative-treated - Sawn and round. The type and degree of attack to which timber may be exposed in service is known as the "hazard". Suitable treatments are defined for each hazard class.

Hazzard Class



Suitable Treatment Options

Typical Applications



Blue stain

Packaged timber during transit

Envelope treatment (clear)

Prevent blue stain of fresh cut timber (no KD) during transit



Insects other than termites -Lyctid and Anobiid attack

Inside, above ground


Flooring, furniture, interior joinery

Asia – Pacific


Termites and Borers

Inside , above ground

Envelope treatment (blue)

Framing, flooring and similar used in dry situations

South of the tropic of Capricorn only


Termites and Borers

Inside , above ground


Framing, flooring and similar used in dry situations

Asia – Pacific


Moderate decay, borers and termites

Outside, above ground

CCA, ACQ CuAz, LOSP (clear or green)

Cladding, fascia, pergolas (above ground), joinery, framing, decking

Asia – Pacific


Severe decay, borers and termites

Outside, inground

CCA, ACQ CuAz, Creosote

Fence posts, greenhouses, pergolas (in-ground), landscaping

Asia – Pacific


Very severe decay, borers and termites

Outside, inground, fresh water contact

CCA, ACQ, PEC, Creosote

Retaining walls, piling, House stumps, building poles, cooling tower fill

Asia – Pacific

H6 or


Marine Borer attack and decay

Marine waters

CCA ,Creosote, PEC

Boat hulls, marine piles, jetty, cross bracing, landing steps & similar

Asia – Pacific

Source: AS1604 - Timber-Preservative-treated-Sawn and round

* Suitable chemicals - these are subject to change based on preservative manufacturers’ recommendations for product treatment and use.

Please note: Treatability varies for different species

Radiata pine is very good in accepting various treatments.

Spruce for instance is very difficult to treat and will not meet the requirements of AS1604 for most currently known treatments.

More details in the Property Guide (434Kb pdf) comparing different pine species.

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